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Corporate Innovation

We enable organizations to leverage their own assets to become truly successful with innovation. We are your partner for creating result-driven intrapreneurship programs, corporate startup collaborations, and strategic frameworks for success with innovation.

Corporate Startup Collaboration

We are living in a fast pace world with numerous challenges and ideas with enormous potential!

Startups have become a valuable source for corporates as they offer important insights and solutions to current problems using technologies and new approaches.

In our CoCreation Program, we find the right startups for your innovation challenge.

In an output-oriented program, we achieve tangible results in a short time and enable your organization to develop proofs-of-concept together with the selected startups.



What you will get
  • International tech & startup scouting
  • Selection of technology & startup
  • A highly output-oriented approach
  • Expertise in validating new business ideas
  • Very short Go2Market-cycles
  • Expertise in legal frameworks for collaboration
  • Solid decision base for investment and execution decisions


Let your employees become innovation drivers inside your company. Intrapreneurship is more than just a workshop or a hackathon. The ideas and the knowledge of your employees hold a great opportunity to solve the challenges of your company and its market needs.

To empower your employees to change their way of thinking and working towards a more entrepreneurial approach we define a framework that supports and protects, both, the ideas and your intrapreneurs. This program achieves results if validation activities are taken seriously and management commits to quick and unbureaucratic decision processes. We support your teams and your organization to find the optimal setup.

What you will get
  • Idea application & selection
  • A highly output-oriented approach
  • Hands-on tools for your team in the latest innovation methods
  • Work on pilot projects with clear results
  • Invest in the right projects after the acceleration phase

Process Incubation

Every organization faces the need to adapt and evolve business processes at some point in time.

Typical approaches to do process analysis are quite resource consuming and often involve external consultants who will analyze the organization from an external perspective without knowing the culture.

We believe in enabling your employees to take over their organizational transformation journey. Our sprint-based framework guides teams from the initial discovery to a successful implementation setup.

With our process incubation toolkit which contains a mix of innovation-driven and process-driven methods we make sure that each project delivers concrete results already within a few weeks. By empowering employees and stakeholders to lead the change of often significant processes you create acceptance for those changes.

What you will get
  • Lean discovery of process landscapes: tasks, journeys, roles, systems
  • Design improvement concepts
  • Deployment of pilots around process shortcuts and quick hacks as well as technical prototypes
  • Development of implementation plans from fast track change projects to long-term transformation initiatives
  • Most importantly: Acceptance for change

50+ projects executed with an automotive company

Innovation Strategy

A good innovation strategy does not only ensure the effective allocation of resources to your innovation activities but also is a significant driver for your organization’s business growth.

Even more important than having an innovation strategy is the process of developing one. We will guide you through a structured process that will help you to identify existing innovation barriers as well as your organization’s capabilities and strengths.

Discussing goals and KPIs allows you to track your innovation effort and success from the beginning on. Last but not leas you will benefit from our extensive knowledge of innovation structures in other successful companies and can thus easily derive the right setup for your organization.

What you will get
  • Innovation Readiness Check
  • Innovation project portfolio
  • Tools to evaluate ideas
  • Clear and detailed roadmap for next 2 years
  • Access to best-practice examples
  • Important details for implementation such as: budget, team, roles, processes, decision criteria, funding criteria, etc.

Develop your innovation strategy with a proven approach

Business Model Innovation

Technology has dramatically changed the way collaborations work and deliver services to customers. Life cycles of business models has shortened innovation is becoming the key to financial success.

In this dynamic environment it has become critical to regularly re-challenge the existing business model of an entire organization or business unit. After assessing the existing business model, analyzing trends in the market, gathering customer and partner feedback we start reshaping your existing business model.

Thereby, we guide your management through a process, which ends with clear strategic decisions and an implementation plan to make sure that the new business model is being executed.

What you will get
  • Guidance and moderation throughout the process of your core team from different departments e.g. sales, marketing, finance, production.
  • Clear working packages from assessment to implementation
  • Trend & ecosystem analysis
  • Customer and stakeholder exploration
  • Intensive co-creation and validation phase of new strategy elements with external stakeholders
  • Elaboration of business plan and KPIs
  • Implementation plan

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