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A1 Co-Creation

Startups wanted!
Work with a leading provider of digital services and communication solutions

Boost your business with the A1 Co-Creation program

Are you ready to accelerate your business? In cooperation with A1 Telekom Austria Group, we are looking for B2C/B2B startups to join their co-creation program. Work with the company’s employees in one team and benefit from a concrete timeline to ensure an instant top-management decision making regarding implementation.

A1 Telekom Austria Group is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe, with approximately 25 million customers.

Together with you, A1 Telekom Austria Group wants to create solutions of the future. Join forces with a strong partner and help improve the lives of millions of people.

Application closed on 23.04.2019

15.05.2019 – Remote pitches of top 20 startups
17.-19.06.2019 – Innovation camp of top 10 startups



A1 Co-Creation

Startups wanted! Pitch your solution and join the A1 Co-Creation program. Collaborate with a leading company and accelerate your business!

Thank you to all the applicants!
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Livia Kubelka
Livia Kubelka+43 664 992 992 22

Join the A1 Co-Creation program

Kickstart your product or service with our new and exciting startup program. Boost your business by working directly with the right in-house point of contact in the search fields of security services, cognitive automation, big data, children in the digital world, or online marketing automation.

The startup with the most promising offer will have the chance to join the A1 Co-Creation Program.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for startups offering B2B and B2C solutions in the following fields:

A1 Co-Creation Program

Children and parents in the digital world

How can a telco be a trusted companion in the daily lives of families in the digital world? How can the usage of digital media positively influence children or support the daily life of the parents? How do you onboard and continuously support children and their parents in the digital world?

  • Smart Solutions
  • Daily Life Support
  • Edutainment Solutions
  • Smart, Easy Screen Time Regulation
  • Emotional Positive Influence

A1 Co-Creation Program

New solutions based on big data

As a telecommunication provider a large number of data is processed in the company. How can you identify new revenue streams from big data in new product areas while staying compliant with GDPR? Ideally these products are directed towards medium and large enterprises and not specific for one industry. New features in existing products would also be interesting, if new revenue streams are available.

  • Big data
  • New revenue streams
  • GDPR
  • B2B solutions

A1 Co-Creation Program

Security services

A1 Digital offers professional services including penetration testing, cloud security solutions like virtual firewalls and own developed solutions such as Offensity. Independent from Security, A1 Digital is offering IoT solutions like fleet management and asset tracking. Therefore, the link between Security and IoT is of most interest.
How can you add to this portfolio in regard to security offers? These offers should ideally run on Exoscale. There is potential to further develop solutions with A1 Digital.

  • Cloud threat intelligence
  • IoT/OT networks behavior analytics
  • Endpoint protection
  • Blockchain for authentication

A1 Co-Creation Program

Cognitive automation (unstructured data processing)

Based on software, intelligence should be brought to information-intensive processes.

  • Speech to text
  • Text analysis and data mining
  • Natural language processing
  • Image processing

A1 Co-Creation Program

Online marketing automation

We want to find solutions that help us to target the right customers at the right time and understand the customer journey.

  • Lead generation
  • Customer engagement
  • Personalized content
  • Recommendation
  • Referral
  • Analytics
  • Campaign ROI

What’s in it for you?

This is not a marketing or pitching event. Accelerate your startup and implement solutions together with A1.

Huge sales potential

Reach out to more than 24 million customers in 7 countries

Receive a PoC budget

Get a PoC budget to develop a proof-of-concept project and accelerate your success

Fast decision-making

Benefit from top-management involvement for fast decision-making regarding implementation right at the event

Work with corporate experts in one team

Work with the companies’ employees in one team – create innovation solutions together with a leading partner

Get access to valuable resources

Benefit from getting access to resources, know-how, markets, and our state of the art broadband infrastructure

Get a strong and dedicated partner

Become a cooperation partner/supplier of A1 Telekom Austria Group

Partner network

Gain access to our large network of partner companies and institutions

Expert mentoring

Accelerate your business idea through expert mentoring

Scope of the project

Co-create the solutions of tomorrow! Together with startups, we want to create new technological solutions in various fields.

The newly launched A1 Co-Creation program invites startups to pitch their ideas in order to enter a cooperation with this great partner, operating in seven countries with approximately 25 million customers. The selected startups will get the chance to access this large customer base as well as the valuable resources needed to boost their business.

A1 Co-Creation

About A1

A1 Telekom Austria Group, listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, is a leading provider of digital services and communications solutions in Central and Eastern Europe. Currently operating in seven countries, the company offers communications, payment and entertainment services as well as integrated business solutions.

Around 19.000 employees and state of the art broadband infrastructure make digital business and lifestyle possible and enable people, companies and things to connect everywhere anytime.

As the European unit of América Móvil, one of the largest wireless services providers in the world, A1 Telekom Austria Group is headquartered in Vienna and gives access to global solutions.

  • Approximately 25 million customers
  • Currently operating in 7 countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia (A1), Belarus (velcom), Republic of Serbia (Vip mobile) and the Republic of Macedonia (one.Vip)
  • Revenues of 4.47 billion Euros by year end 2018
  • Around 19.000 employees
  • State of the art broadband and mobile infrastructure

Mario Mayerthaler

Mario Mayerthaler
Head of Group Innovation A1 Telekom Austria

“A1 has already experience in working with startups in various fields as you can see on our current startup line-up of A1 Partners and A1 Members: www.a1startup.net


A1 Co-Creation Program

Application Deadline

A1 Co-Creation Program

Remote Pitches with top 15-20 startups

A1 Co-Creation Program

Innovation Camp with top 10 startups

A1 Co-Creation Program

July – October 2019
Acceleration Phase

A1 Co-Creation Program

End of October
Demo Day

A1 Co-Creation Program

Successful Launch or Cooperation

Pitch your solution & boost your business!

Join the A1 Co-Creation program by submitting your idea now. Get the chance to collaborate with a strong partner and shape the future.

Are you ready for the challenge?

Join A1 in building innovative solutions. Contact us for more information.
Contact us for more information.

Livia Kubelka Livia Kubelka +43 664 992 992 22