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Amiblu Startup Factory

Collaborate with the leading GRP pipes and fittings producer and accelerate your business.

Enter the fast-track collaboration program of Amiblu and boost your business

We are looking for startups, SMEs, and technology providers to partner up and work on new business opportunities with Amiblu.

Work in one team with Amiblu experts and benefit from top-management involvement for fast decision-making regarding the project implementation.

Amiblu’s goal is to develop and deliver world-class GRP pipes and fittings to sustainably solve the world’s water and sewer challenges.

Together with startups, SMEs, and technology providers, Amiblu wants to provide breakthrough solutions in sectors such as drinking water, irrigation, storm- and wastewater, as well as in hydropower and industrial applications.

Help Amiblu to shape the future, and benefit from the leader’s global operations, resources, and market access to grow your business.

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Klagenfurt, Austria

  • Construction waste recycling
  • Calcium carbonate recycling

Startups wanted! Pitch your solution, join the Amiblu Startup Factory, and collaborate with a leading company.


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Help us shape the future of the water and sewer industry.

Join the Amiblu Startup Factory and work closely with in-house experts on topics such as smart pipes solutions and recycling of composites.
Grow your business with the help of Amiblu’s resources and access to markets, exchange ideas, and discuss potential long-term cooperation.

Search fields

Smart Pipe Solutions

Partners and innovative service providers that help revolutionize the water management pipe industry.

Technologies, business models, ecosystem connectors

Examples of use cases but not limited to:

  • Data generation & analytics
  • Leakage detection
  • Non-destructive testing
  • Remote predictive maintenance

Recycling of composites

Innovative products or solutions that help to process and recover a high volume of composites.

Examples of use cases but not limited to:

  • Product ideas
  • Recycling
  • Up-cycling
  • Circular value streams

Benefits for Startups

Work with corporate experts in one team

Work with experienced Amiblu employees in one team. Create innovative solutions together with a leading partner.

Structured process and fast decision-making

Benefit from top-management involvement for
fast decision-making regarding the implementation
of your solution.

Expert mentoring

Accelerate your business idea through expert mentoring.

Strong and dedicated partner

Enter a partnership with a successful and experienced industry leader, dedicated to innovation.

Large customer base

Get a chance to collaborate with Amiblu’s partners all over the world.

Proof-of-concept budget

After the innovation camp, Amiblu will provide up to 25.000€ to selected teams to finance the PoC-phase of the collaboration.

Your journey

towards a successful collaboration with Amiblu

Application Deadline:

Remote Pitches:
11.11. & 12.11.2021

Selection of top Startups:

Innovation Camp:
29.11 – 01.12.2021

Acceleration Phase:
06.12.2021 – 30.04.2022

Demo Day:
05.05. & 06.05.2022

About Amiblu

Who we are

We at Amiblu are a bunch of GRP nerds that are fiercely determined to tackle the world’s water crisis with modern and smart solutions. We want to inspire people around the globe to value water as we should.

What we do

Our infrastructure transports water reliably to and from homes, industries, and every one of us. We work passionately on water security, wastewater discharge, and water-related needs of urbanization. Our pipes are designed for generations.

Why it matters

Every one of us needs water to survive. We combine creative ideas, decades of experience, and modern composite materials to outperform existing solutions. We work with excitement towards a future where every person on the planet has access to a well-functioning water network

Scope of the project

The newly launched Amiblu Startup Factory invites startups to pitch their ideas to enter a cooperation with a great company; with an extensive network of sales and engineering offices throughout Europe and licensees around the world. Amiblu is active in 125 countries around the globe. The selected startups will get the chance to access this large customer base as well as valuable resources needed to boost their business.


Co-create the solutions of tomorrow! Together with startups, we want to create innovative solutions and solve the world’s water and sewer challenges.

Join the Amiblu Startup Factory by submitting your idea now. Get the chance to collaborate with a global player.

Are you ready to shape the future?


Is it necessary to travel to Austria for the Startup Factory?

  • Depending on the intended cooperation, individual meetings will be held. We are constantly evaluating the situation. If traveling is not possible due to COVID-19 we will facilitate the cooperation and workshops remotely.

What is the working language?

  • Workshop input, documentation, and pitches will be held in English. While working in your team: If all of your team members prefer Spanish, French or any other language, that is completely up to you.

How can I apply for this program?

Fill out the application form and provide us with the core information about your company (takes approximately 15 minutes). If we require further information, we will contact you for a personal interview.
Admission deadline is November 5th, 2021 23:59 CET.

What happens after my application?

Best-in-class startups will be invited for an online interview (remote pitch) with top managers and experts from Amiblu to discuss their business model, technology, and growth ambitions. Successful candidates will then be invited to the Innovation Camp. The selected startups will enter the acceleration phase and will pitch at the final event (Demo Day) in front of the top management of Amiblu. Successful teams will be then given the chance to enter a cooperation with Amiblu.

How does the selection process work?

The applications call is open until November 5th, 2021 and all applications will be reviewed during the following week. After a rating of all applications, you will get the notification in case you are among the top selected startups who are invited to present their ideas in a remote pitching session.

What happens at the remote pitching session?

Top selected startups are invited to present their business ideas in an online interview to top managers and experts from Amiblu. You will have 5 minutes to pitch your solution, followed by a short question-answer round. Remote pitches will be held on the 11th and 12th of November (you will get a time slot). Successful candidates will then be invited to the Innovation Camp.

What is the Innovation Camp?

It’s a 2.5-days workshop, where you will jointly work with experts and top management from Amiblu to:

  • Identify open and critical questions
  • Match your capabilities to the requirements of Amiblu
  • Clarify the understanding of the next steps: field trials, PoC roadmap incl. budget, marketing scenarios, business case

A jury pitch at the end of the day will determine the participants of the acceleration phase.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions the Innovation Camp might be held remotely.


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