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goAustria Spring 2019
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goAustria Spring 2019

ICT startups wanted for the Austrian & European markets

Pitch your solution to enter the Austrian and European markets!

The seventh goAustria round by the Global Incubator Network offers a two weeks incubation program, from April 29th until May 10th 2019 in Vienna. It will give participants the opportunity to explore the Austrian and European markets, as well as to find new investors and/or collaboration partners. One major asset of the program is the personal start-up mentor who will be matched to each start-up, supporting it to validate their business model to network with investors and relevant stakeholders, as well as design an internationalization plan.

goAustria Spring 2019 is an exclusive, intensive 2-week program in Austria for 10 later stage startups. Beside many exclusive and tailor-made workshops, we are going to start the program and participate at one of Europe’s biggest meeting points for tech founders, innovation executives and investors – the Pioneers’19. Furthermore during this period GIN’s third Corporate Day is taking place. The perfect event to meet as many potential corporate partners as possible through a business speed-dating session.

Application Closed

Application deadline: 17.02.2019

Vienna, Austria

Travel, accommodation and workspace costs covered (limitations see below)

  • ICT
  • IOT
  • 5G
  • Augmented Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cyber Security
  • Blockchain

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ICT startups wanted! Apply to the goAustria Spring 2019 program and get the chance to enter the Austrian and European markets!

Questions? Contact for applicants:

Stefan Steinhauser
Stefan Steinhauser+43 660 6919614

Contact at GIN:

Annamaria Andres
Annamaria Andres+43 5 7755 1312

Jan Arpe
Jan Arpe+43 5 7755 1320

Join the incubation program and boost your business!

Do you offer a solution in the fields of IoT, 5G, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity or Blockchain?

Get the chance to enter the Austrian and European markets! Apply now to join goAustria spring 2019.

What kind of startups are we looking for?

Alte Hofburg, Vienna, Austria
  • Later stage startups preferred
  • Focus on ICT
  • Startups from the GIN target countries (Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Singapore, China and South Korea) preferred
  • We strongly encourage female founders

What’s in it for you?

Enter the Austrian & European markets

Get professional guidance to enter the diversified and high-potential markets of Austria and Europe

Meet investors and business angels

Introduction to a network of 300 investors and business angels and the chance to pitch in front of selected ones


Network with investors, corporates and connecting with like-minded Austrian and European startups

Work on your business model

Tailor your business model for the specific needs of the Austrian and European markets and learn from top experts about doing business in Austria and Europe

Tailor-made workshops

During our exclusive, intensive 2-week program, you will take part in tailor-made workshops with highly skilled experts


Participate at Pioneers’19, one of Europe’s biggest meeting points for tech founders, innovation executives and investors, and join a business speed-dating session at GIN’s third Corporate Day

Individual mentorship

Work with extremely well-connected experts to develop your internationalization plan

Market insights

Get tailor-made insights on the Austrian and European markets

Search fields

  • IoT
  • 5G
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cybersecurity
  • Blockchain

Costs covered by goAustria

  • Flight (max 800,- EUR for Asia; 300,- EUR for Israel).
  • Accommodation
  • Co-working space
  • Workshops
  • Entry and exclusive sessions at the Pioneers’19
  • Networking events with local corporates and startups
  • Participation limited to one person per startup

How to apply: process and timelines

  • Application: January 15th 2019 until February 17th 2019
  • Get selected: on the March 5th 2019, a jury of national and international experts will select 10 startups
  • Get invited on March 5th 2019
  • Plan your activities for Vienna with your mentor before arriving
  • Participate in the two week incubation program in Austria (April 29th – May 10th 2019)

goAustria Mentors

The goAustria program offers you a personal start-up mentor with great experience in the Austrian and European start-up ecosystem. The mentor will support you in validating and adapting your business model and will connect you with relevant stakeholders. Your mentor will create a tailor-made internationalization strategy with you.
See a list of the mentors here.

Feedback from some of the participants from the goAustria programs

  • “I like the response from the clinical community and support from the government. Now we have an entry point in the EU, so it made the process faster.” Nitesh Jangir, CEO Coeo Labs (goAustria June 2017)
  • “It was a really good opportunity for me to get involved myself in the local startup community. I still have good terms with an Austrian IoT startup.” Ko Kijima, CEO 16lab inc. (goAustria October 2016)
  • “goAustria program is the best way to understand opportunities for international start-ups in Austria. It helped us establish important connections in Vienna” Timur Luguev, CEO Clevapi (goAustria May 2016)

Enter the Austrian & European markets!

Join the incubation program by GIN Incubator Network and accelerate your business!

Get individual expert mentoring to tailor your business model. Get access to a huge network of investors, business angels, cooperation partners and potential customers.

goAustria Spring 2019

Join the goAustria Spring 2019 incubator program. Enter the Austrian & European markets.
Contact us for more information.

Contact for applicants:

Stefan Steinhauser
Stefan Steinhauser

+43 660 6919614

Contact at GIN:

Annamaria Andres
Annamaria Andres
+43 5 7755 1312

Contact at GIN:

Jan Arpe
Jan Arpe
+43 5 7755 1320