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Pitch im Paternoster

Pitch im Paternoster 2018

Convince the CEOs of Austria’s industry leaders!

Convince the CEOs of Austria’s industry leaders.

We celebrate our fourth year with a focus on learning. The Junge Industrie and WhatAVenture invite innovative hardware and software startups in education and training as well as in the machine learning sector to present their company to top-level executives of the largest Austrian industrial enterprises.

13 startups will be selected and will compete in the 100 year old Paternoster located in the historic “House of Industry” in Vienna. The startups will each have the possibility to pitch their business idea to the jury while riding in a cabin of the Paternoster.

The aim of the event is to link startups with leading industrial companies in Austria. Therefore, each startup will also be assigned an own booth next to the pitch in the Paternoster. This allows them to present their prototype and/or product to a wide audience of industrial enterprises and innovation manager.

Congratulations to this year’s winners!

  1. Senseforce
  2. Capte
  3. ProGlove

Thursday, 21.06.2018

Application deadline: 29.05.2018

Federation of Austrian Industries

Schwarzenbergplatz, 1030 Vienna, Austria

  • Education
  • Training
  • Machine learning
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Industry 4.0
  • Process Optimization
  • AI
  • Robotics
  • edapp
  • classroom
  • teaching
  • globaled
  • mlearning
  • elearning

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Startups in the field of learning & education wanted! Pitch your business on the 100-year old Paternoster & convince the CEOs of Austria’s industry leaders. Join Pitch im Paternoster 2018!

In cooperation with
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Join the challenge & present your business to top-level executives

Hop on the 100-year old Paternoster and get the unique opportunity to pitch your business idea to the top-level jury.

Requirement: 2 people per startup must attend. One set at the booth and one in a cabin of the Paternoster for the pitch. At least one founder must be present.

The challenge

Each startup will be assigned a cabin in the historic Paternoster. One after the other a jury member will join the startup. The pitcher will have approximately 4 minutes to present their business and discuss the matter with the member of the jury.

The startup that can convince the most members of the jury from their idea will win the challenge! This year the jury may choose a winner by utilizing the app Pitchscoring©. Here the jury rates the startups pitching in the Paternoster by voting on their team, market, scalability, business model and technology.

What’s in it for you?

Meet representatives of leading Austrian industrial companies
Find strategic partners
Close contacts with decision makers from the Austrian industry
Know-how transfer
Media attention
Chance to win additional prizes


The prizes sponsored by Infineon, AWS, Round2 Capital Partners, and SpeedInvest will be constantly updated.


Strategic Growth Marketing Workshop

Win a half-day growth marketing workshop with two experienced international marketing experts of Speedinvest Pirates. As the Growth Marketing Competence Center of the leading Central-European Seed VC, the Speedinvest Pirates are responsible for the growth marketing portfolio provided to the Speedinvest startups.

What you can expect:

  • Growth status analysis (P/M fit, “AHA” moment, scaling) (30 min)
  • Identification of the strategic market shortages & potentials (60 min)
  • Ideation session to build a backlog of growth hacks (60 min)
  • Building of a scoring system for the backlog (30 min)
  • Specifying the top 3 growth hacks for the startup (60 min)


Spend one day with the industry leader Infineon

Here the winner may use the chance to gather know-how and expertise on the topic of their choosing (e.g. production, logistics, sales, …).

Round2 Capital Partners

Win a participation in the Round2Lab Program

The Round2Lab is a program that gives you the expertise to design and implement a successful scale-up strategy.

  • Work in a non-traditional lab setting
  • learning with and from other entrepreneurs with the same aspirations
  • get coaching by top experts in their feld and by successful entrepreneurs who have already “done it”
  • Develop a roadmap for growth covering key challenges when scaling up your business

brand & talos logo

Legal consulting

by Brandl & Talos in the value of EUR 5.000, EUR 3.000 or EUR 1.000.


Special Price: Pre-pitching for the Pitching Days in London

Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH, in cooperation with Außenwirtschaft Österreich and Junge Wirtschaft, will provide a wildcard for pre-pitching at the English Embassy in Vienna.


11:00 – 15:00
Exhibition of prototype & product (exhibition booth)

Official start

11:45 – 12:45
“Pitch im Paternoster” – Jury meets the startups

12:30 – 13:30
Award ceremony & lunch

Open end & networking


Here are this year’s jury members. Also, check out our juries of 2016 and 2017.

Andreas Wimmer

Geschäftsführer, Wimmer Hartstahl & Wimmer Felstechnik

Isabella Hermann-Schön

Managing Partner, Round2Capital

Walter Sieberer

Managing Director, KTM-Innovation GmbH

Harald Kunczier

Head of Strategy and Group Development, Österreichische Post AG

Ing. Eduard Fröschl

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter, Fröschl AG & Co KG

Angelika Sommer-Hemetsberger

Board Member Aktienforum/Board Member Österreichische Kontrollbank AG

Dr. Tatjana Gertner-Schaschl

Chairwoman of the supervisory board, Treibacher Industrie AG

Gernot Wagner

Managing Director, PORR Design & Engineering GmbH

Thomas Jakowiak

Executive Vice President Integration Management RHI Magnesita

Nikolaus Griller

Vorsitzender des Gesellschafterausschusses, Gebauer & Griller Kabelwerke GmbH

Günther Wellenzohn

Innovation Manager, Infineon

Bernhard Sagmeister

Managing Director, Austria Wirtschaftsservice Gesellschaft mbH (aws)


These are the selected startups for this year:


MyBioma makes advanced gut microbiome diagnostics publicly available by providing self-tests based on stool samples. Customers gain access to personalized reports to understand the cause of their problems and improve their well-being dependent on their gut composition. Our vision is to offer state-of-the art advice by continuously including the latest high-impact research into the analysis. […]


Senseforce is the end-to-end solution for industrial IT, enabling mechanical engineering companies to design better & smarter products. With features ranging from Realtime IoT – Analytics, Big Data in Manufacturing, Machine Learning & AI to predictive maintenance Senseforce is innovating industrial product design. https://senseforce.io/


Crate.io is the company behind CrateDB, a massively scalable real-time database specifically for machine and sensor data. CrateDB and the Crate Machine Data Platform are therefore perfectly suited for use cases in the Industrial IoT environment and for digital transformation projects. https://crate.io


Skillveri enables professional vocational staff training that is consistent in quality, (independent of time, human operator and location), objective, reliabel, valid and scalable using haptic enhanced Virtual Reality. http://skillveri.com


Cyberith enables movement in Virtual Reality. Ideal for Training & Simulation purposes. Our core product, the Virtualizer, is a locomotion device for Virtual Reality, that enables unlimited navigation through virtual environments. https://cyberith.com

Robo Wunderkind

Robo Wunderkind is the first modular robotic kit on the market which enables kids aged 5+ to start building and programming robots in minutes. With Robo Wunderkind kids can start building and programming robots in a matter of minutes. With technology rapidly becoming an essential part of our everyday lives, being a 21st-century person means […]


Raspbotics learning boards give children and teenagers a playful introduction to the world of programming and technology. Interactive game design, the realization of creative projects and the use of numerous sensors turn fun into a learning success. Raspbotics is an all-in-one system that can be used for all types of schools starting from elementary school. […]


ProGlove is a smart glove that enables manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier. Process steps can be documented handsfree and the smart glove gives instant feedback to its user. Therefore, ergonomics, efficiency and quality can be improved. https://proglove.de


Die wirksame Schulungsmethode aus den Alpen ist inzwischen weltweit erfolgreich im Einsatz. Entwickelt wurde sie von den Gründern von KnowledgeFox. Mittlerweile ist KnowledgeFox auf 4 Kontinenten und in 23 Ländern vertreten. Die mobile App spricht 12 Sprachen und zählt mehr als 150.000 Anwender. Dank wissenschaftlich fundierter Lernmethodik verbessert KnowledgeFox den Praxistransfer und steigert den Erfolg […]


Capte is an IOT platform including inhouse developed hardware, software and connectivity. Our hardware can be installed in any kind of vehicle or other asset: bus, truck, crane excavator to get the data from onboard computer or external sensors to save the costs of operation and maintenance and provide additional services to third parties. https://capte.co/en/


Butleroy is an Austrian startup that automates scheduling through an artificially intelligent digital butler. Butleroy finds time for activities, reminders, to-dos and also appointments between customers and companies. It considers the calendar of all participants, as well as external factors such as social media, weather information or traffic. With that information, it finds the best […]


VIZARIO by ar4.io is a framework for Augmented Reality based collaboration and problem solving, targeting maintenance use cases in industry and future AR-ready eyewear (e.g. Hololens). VIZARIO is cross-platform and has support for real-time Audio/Video, 3D model visualization and documentation. No more travel for maintenance personnel, reduction in machine downtime, improvement of service quality. http://ar4.io


Areeka offers a new way for discovering classical books. We connect the physical and the digital world by unsing Augmented Reality. The key for sustainable learning is to combine the three most important learning types (visual, auditive and haptic). And this is what Areeka does in one App! http://www.areeka.net  

Some impressions from the last years.
Pitch im Paternoster celebrates its fourth edition this year!

Heute wurde gepitcht im Haus der Industrie! 13 ausgewählte Startups hatten die Möglichkeit vor einer exklusiven Jury im Rahmen des Pitch im Paternosters ihre Ideen zu präsentieren. Wir gratulieren den Gewinnern Magazino GmbH, cncMonster und Breeze! #Pip2017 #startups #Innovation

Gepostet von Junge Industrie am Donnerstag, 27. April 2017

What our attendees say

Michael Hettegger
Der ‘Pitch im Paternoster’ sorgt für einen höheren Adrenalinspiegel. Wer dort die Gelegenheit bekommt vor 13 hochkarätigen Führungskräften zu pitchen, stellt sich vor eine große Herausforderung, die sich lohnt!”
– Michael Hettegger, co-founder of Craftworks & participant of 2016

Qian Qin
“We really liked the format, had a lot of fun and were able to connect with a lot of great people. The Pitch in the Paternoster proved to be much more than we originally anticipated.” 

– Qian Qin, co-founder of Panono & winner of 2016

Dr. Leonhardt Bauer
“We found the event was very well designed! The Paternoster Pitch is an outstanding format that allowed potential industrial partners make themselves a picture of startups in a very efficient way.”

– Dr. Leonhardt Bauer, co-founder of Xarion & winner of 2015

Join Pitch im Paternoster 2018

Pitch your startup to top-level executives on the 100-year old Paternoster and win the challenge!

Requirement: 2 people per startup must attend. One set at the booth and one in a cabin of the Paternoster for the pitch. At least one founder must be present.

Convince the CEOs of Austria’s industry leaders!
Contact us for more information.

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